January 25, 2019


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N2 Sessions 10'..The SUP that does it all

I can't say enough about how awesome the N2 Sessions 10' is. This paddle board really does it all. If you're like us who love to paddle surf, flat water paddle, and use our SUP to exercise well then look no further than the North 2 10' Sessions. We designed this board to be stable for a wide range of paddlers, from a 90 lb. newbie up to a 225 lb. seasoned waterman. The "surfy" outline with semi-pulled in nose, thinned out rails, and "diamond tail," make this board no slouch in the waves. But giving the board plenty of width and depth in the mid section (31.5" @ widest point, 4.5" at deepest point) makes this SUP incredible stable, even for beginners. Total volume in liters 159L. 

Very nimble in all sorts of wave conditions, but also an excellent flat water paddling board with it's streamlined shape that cuts through the water with efficiency. Built to last with the latest in multi-laminate, carbon fiber, and real wood bamboo construction this board is no porcelain doll. For me it's my go-to board what ever the conditions or body of water that I'm getting into.  If you pick up one of these beauties I wouldn't be surprised that it becomes your go to as well! Check it out here N2 Sessions 10'


December 21, 2018


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New N2 Dealers And Surf District Surf Shop New Delray Location!

If you haven’t been to Surf District Surf Shop’s all new Delray Beach location…you NEED to go! It’s located in the historic circa 1895 Delray Train Depot. Recently remodeled and restored to its former glory by BSA Construction. Walking into the shop is like taking a step back in time. Surf District Surf Shop owners Jen and Mike Vancek did a bang up job keeping the charm of the historic structure, while making it a truly welcoming neighborhood surf shop. Not only do they carry skate, SUP, and surf products, including a full line of North 2 boards and paddles but they also have a unique array of men’s and women’s surf boutique clothing. They also offer N2 boards for rent, paddle board and surf lessons, and paddle tours. If you know Delray, it’s right next to Bru’s Room in downtown Delray Beach (220 NE 1st Street, Delray Beach, FL 33444).

We are also excited to announce Boca Surf & Sail is now carrying N2! Bob and Bruce are a wealth of surfing knowledge, over 30 years in business at their legendary Palm Beach County surf shop, and that’s for a reason. Stop into Boca Surf and check out their awesome shop.

Along the lines of other great South Florida Surf Shops, we are also very stoked to say that Ohana Surf Shop, Stuart FL is also now a N2 dealer. We feel honored to be apart of the Ohana family, they are some of the nicest people in the industry you’ll ever meet. So if you’re in the Hutchinson Island area, stop in and say hi!

December 19, 2018


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N2 Proud Supplier to Florida State Parks!

We are super stoked to be a proud supplier to the state we love! Florida State Parks has some exciting things in store for these new custom 10’6” N2 Adventure boards so stay tuned! And go visit one the many amazing Florida State Parks! 

 The N2 10’6” Adventure paddle boards are our best seller to SUP rental companies, and for water lovers looking for a board that is ultra durable and ultra fun for the whole family.  The ABS plastic shell of our Adventure series boards makes for a truly indestructible paddleboard. Rocks, rough shorelines, and paddle strikes are no match for this new tech in board construction. These boards are also very affordable and won’t break the bank. They also make excellent platforms for other water activities such as paddle fishing, snorkeling, SUP Yoga, and exploring what ever body of water you choose. Match the board with one of our N2 aluminum adjustable paddles and coil leash and you’re good to go for some serious fun!

Take a look at the N2 Adventure Series here. Need a fleet of private label rental paddle boards and paddles for your business? Reach out today!

August 29, 2018


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Like to paddle board fish? Fun DIY fishing crate project for your board!

We love fishing off our N2 boards.  The stealth and unrestrained ability to access any body and depth of water, makes your North 2 Paddle Board the ultimate fishing vessel.  I can sneak up on many gamefish on my SUP board since it's so quite moving through the water. I target species including Bass, Snook, Tarpon, Bonefish, Snapper, and a variety of Jacks. If you love to fish, and love being out on the water, try paddle fishing! 

I got with my good friend @ Will Vacha, who is also an avid paddle fisherman, and talked about a super cool DIY fishing crate he made for his 11'4" N2 Adventure Board.  He took a standard 13" X 13" milk crate as his platform to begin with. Added rod holders by drilling holes through them and affixing them to the crate with stainless steel bolts.  Simple plastic rod holders like these can be purchased fairly inexpensively at places like Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, and others. An extra step Will took was adding a hinged top using a simple square sturdy plastic cutting board. He drilled holes in the cutting board and made hinges with zip ties. So cool right?! The cover is sturdy enough that you can use it as a raised casting platform, which comes in handy for sight fishing. Adding small strips of EVA deck padding can be used as well to increase the grip surface of the cover of your crate, and keep in mind you don't need to add a top to your fishing crate, but this can come in handy for several reasons.  Lastly, rigging up a simple anchor system is a great idea, especially if you're paddle fishing in areas of wind or current.  Small kayak style anchor systems can be purchased by many retailers including the ones mentioned above. One idea to make a simple inexpensive DIY anchor is purchasing a simple flat circle weight from 5-8lbs. Now add an anchor line to it with some kind of nylon rope and carabiner clip to attach the anchor line to your board. I use either the leash string or bungee tie down cord to attach my anchor to my board.  Flat weight. Make sure you have enough rope to handle the depths of water your fishing in.

I love the N2 Adventure Boards for fishing. The bungee tie down cords on the nose of the boards and full EVA deck padding make attaching my fishing crate to the board a piece of cake, and it stays in place even in rough and choppy water.  If your board doesn't have pre-installed bungee cords, you can purchase aftermarket kits like this here. Bungee Kit. 

So try out this cool little DIY project for your Paddle Board. It's a fun useful way to increase your paddle fishing effectiveness, and super fun! See you on the water and big thanks to Will Vacha! 

June 19, 2018


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Paddle Board Fishing off your North 2 Board

Here at N2 we love all things water, including paddle board fishing. Or SUP fishing! Stand up paddleboards make an excellent choice of water craft if you want to sneak up on the fish you're after, or want to get into super shallow waters.  You don't need much to get started, and no need for gasoline or the pesky thousand dollar boat repairs! 

Grab a spinning rod with 12-20lb. test, swim bates like the paddle-tail minnow, or crank baits and go at it.  I like chasing fish on the fly so I normally go out armed with my 6 or 9 wt. fly rod, floating fly line, and about a 9' tapered leader down to a 20lb tippet.  If you're going after toothy characters like Mr. Baracuda, go for a wire tippet or 30-40lb. shock tippet.  Shock tippets on your fly leader are also a wise choice if you're hunting snook and tarpon as well around here in the salt.  I normally just grab my rod, a handful of bait fish fly imitations like clousers, extra tippet line, a plier multi took with a small knife in it, and a belt pack, and of course a water proof action camera for the shots so you can impress all your Insta followers! 

 I like to use THE PADDLE CLIP to hold my rod at my hip while I'm paddling around searching for fish, or going from spot to spot.  I find it works perfect for my fly rod, and I'm sure a spinning reel would work with it as well.  You don't need much to get out on your SUP and do some fishing.  I also find the trolling method to be fun and effective as well.  I simpley attach my fly rod to my hip, let out about 15 yards of fly line and leader with about a 3" clouser minnow fly at the end and get to paddling! I keep up a descent paddle cadence when troll fishing off my paddle board, and every now and again I get a nice tug on the line.  At that point I stop paddling, get to my knees and play the fish to the board. Rinse and repeat! 

So if you're looking to add something fun to your paddling, try paddle-fishing.  Our N2 ADVENTURE SUP BOARDS do awesome as paddle board fishing boards.

See you on the water! 

Key West Paddle Classic 2018

What another great time at the 2018 Key West Paddle Classic.  Forecast before race day was calling for relatively light winds out of the NW at only 5-10 mph, but come race day that wasn't the case to say the least! Super strong sustained N winds from 15-22 mph pushed serious chop and force against the paddlers making the grueling 12 mile course around the historic island no easy task. 

N2 team racers Ryan Pena, Will Vacha, and Conrad Charles entered the race using custom 11'2" N2 Sessions boards.  These boards proved to work great in the chop and wind, letting the racers cut through the chop waves, and balance better in the relentless wind and swirly water.  Will took home first place and Ryan 2nd in the overall standings for recreation class, and Conrad not far behind taking 5th.  Will and Ryan both finished just shy of 3 hrs. 

After the race TEAM N2 got to enjoy Duval street and the sights and sounds of beautiful Key West, not to mention the delicious Caribbean Rum! We also got to get out and use the new Adventure SUP boards doing a little paddle-fishing on the amazing flats that surround the lower keys.  We hooked up with a few snapper, jacks, and cudas while gliding over the pristine crystal clear water.  What an amazing trip, we will be back for our 5th consecutive year next year and we can't wait! 

Big thanks again for Lazy Dog Key West for putting on another amazing paddle event in the most picture perfect place to hold a distance paddle race, Key West Florida! Who ever is thinking of pushing themselves to the physical limit, give this one a try next year! ;) 

April 21, 2018


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N2 proud supplier to FAU

We are stoked to become a proud water sports equipment supplier to local University FAU, Boca Raton, FL.  FAU's Campus Recreation Department was thrilled at how ultra durable and stable the new Adventure Series SUP boards are. FAU continues to go above and beyond for their students, making their lives so much more filled with heathy ways to enjoy our beautiful Florida environment through their Campus Recreation Department.  

They offer outdoor equipment rentals to include camping, surfing, and stand up paddle boarding to their students.  They plan and host day trips to amazing locations all around Florida.  So if you're thinking about going to FAU, or our a current student, get on over to Campus Rec. and use one of these awesome new N2 Adventure paddle boards! 

January 15, 2018


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Try Hot Glue when "Fixing" your custom-fit SUP Paddle

Try using hot glue when attaching your paddle board handle to the shaft instead of epoxy.  When the great sport of SUP, stand up paddle boarding, started and carbon fiber and fiberglass paddleboard paddles were coming more common, the traditional way of affixing the sup handle to the shaft was with two part epoxy.  Now using epoxy is a tried and true method, the only problem is this way becomes permanent.  In the case where you would like to shorten your paddle as your skills progress for example, well you're out of luck.  Or in the case if you happen to damage just the handle portion of your paddle and it needs replacing, again you're out of luck if you had used epoxy.  In order to remove a handle from a paddleboard paddle after using epoxy, you must cut the handle off, usually loosing several inches off the shaft and loose the ability to re-use the handle after it's off. 

Here at North 2 Boards, we have been using hot glue with great success over the years.  We like to use ACE brand "Hot Melt" sticks.  They are a little be more expensive compared with standard craft type sticks, but are worth the investment in our opinion.  I think a pack of 6 runs around $5-$6 at your local ACE hardware store. Similarly contractors grade or construction grade sticks will do the trick as well.  After making your cut on the shaft, we like to use a standard 12" hacksaw with 32 tooth fine blade, simply heat up the shaft of the handle and top of the shaft with a hair dryer or heat gun.  Then generously add a bunch of globs of the hot melt glue onto the shaft of the handle before you put it into your paddle shaft.  Line up the handle to the blade so it is facing the correct direction and make sure it's lined up nice and straight. I then take a piece of scrape paper and wipe around the area where the glue has spilled out onto the shaft, you can then heat this area up again with a couple quick blast from your heat gun and again wipe around the shaft so that it is nice and neat. Set the paddle aside for about a half hour and you're off to the races! 

Down the road if you ever want to shorten your paddle or replace the handle, simply heat the joined areas of the handle and shaft with your heat gun or hair dryer and pull and remove. Cut shaft shorter, remove as much old glue as you can and repeat the process. 

Give it a shot, or contact us for more tips on how to. info@north2boards.com 

January 04, 2018


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November 13, 2017


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New Board Spotlight November 2017

We are excited to add a couple more N2's to our extensive lineup of performance Stand up Paddle Boards.  Our 10'6" Adventure SUP has been a big hit, especially in the paddle board rental segment.  Our retailers love how durable the N2 Adventure SUP is, and how well it paddles.  We added another model to our Adventure lineup of boards, the 11'4" Adventure.  Like the 10'6", the 11'4" is virtually ding proof since we use a new tech in which the board is constructed like a traditional epoxy fiberglass paddle board, but then wrapped in an ABS thermo-mold plastic shell.  The 11'4" is almost 34" wide so it will float paddlers all the way past 250 lbs.! 

The new 11'2" Sessions is very cool.  We designed it for speed but also to be super fun in the waves.  We have been very impressed with the performance of this advanced SUP board.  It is pretty narrow at only 28", but at 159L it will still give the advanced paddle surfer the able to catch small to medium sized waves all day without tiring you out. Lastly the 9' Sessions is another addition to our great surf paddle boards.  More of an advanced paddle surf board it performed like your favorite longboard!   The 11'2" and 9' Sessions are "Special Edition" so they are in limited supply.  Please contact us if you have interest in demoing one these new N2 models. See you in the water!