Covid 19 And Paddle Boarding, New N2's Coming Soon!

Here at N2 we would first like to extend our sincerest condolences to those who have lost loves ones due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. C19 has effected everyone across the globe in some way or another. We are very thankful that North 2 Boards was not so negatively effected by the pandemic as other businesses unfortunately were and are ongoing. So we would like to send thoughts and prayers to all fellow small business owners during these trying times. We think now more than ever it is time to support those small businesses in our communities that make our lives so colorful and diverse.  Let’s also take this opportunity to support our neighbors, friends, and family so we will all make it out the other side better off together.

Outdoor recreational activities has seen a huge uptick in total participation nationwide. Paddleboarding has also seen a big surge in first time paddlers attracted to what SUP brings to the table, especially in our new normal. Stand up Paddling allows us to “Social Distance” while still being able to get a great full body workout in, and enjoying the company of others in the great outdoors.  So many people are discovering why paddle boarding is the number one growing water sport worldwide. From paddle surfing, fitness paddling, or exploring new waterways with your paddle buddy.. SUP is exploding and coming to a lake, river, or coastline near you!

So get out and try SUP, trust us you’ll be as hooked as we are! Get a dose of beneficial vitamin D, work those paddle muscles, and enjoy some distancing out on your favorite waterway.

We are super stoked to share our all-new graphic design layouts which are coming in the first part of August on the boards you have come to love and depend on to get your water fix in! We have also added a new line of fiberglass core, super high quality 6’ and 6’8” Roots Series Fish softtop surfboards. They will be constructed just like our tried and true ultra durable 8’5” Roots surf boards.

So let’s band together during these tough times, support each other, and keep our eyes on the prize we will all be stronger and healthier in the end. And of course paddle and surf more! Keep moving everyone..

Please reach out to your local N2 dealer, or send us an email if you would like to put a deposit down to secure one of our new boards that will be here soon. God bless.

-Team N2