May 05, 2017


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New 11'2" N2 Sessions Stand up Paddle Board Coming Soon!

Here at North 2 Board Sports we are always trying to improve and add to our great lineup of quality stand up paddle boards and surf equipment.  

Recently TEAM N2 competed and did well at the last Key West Paddle Classic, Key West FL.  Over the past years we have used 10' Sessions to compete in the "Surf" class in many area SUP races.  The board has preformed extremely well, so well that we have decided to design a new model that is basically a bit longer and narrower so that it will do even better in these type of competitions, and or for long distance and fitness paddling and light surf.  Originally we had designed the 10' Sessions with light to moderate paddle surfing in mind, after testing and tweaking that board has become one of the best sellers in the N2 lineup for the simple fact, it can do it all.  Front head-high surf to 12 mile open ocean recreation races, the 10' Sessions had shined. So we will introduce the new 11'2"X28.5" 160L volume N2 Sessions. This board will excel in open ocean paddling with a generous amount of nose rocker, recreation SUP racing, and light surf.  The board will be faster than the 10' Sessions, with a longer water line and narrower outline, but won't be as nimble in larger surf.  

Let us know if you're interested to pre-order a new 11'2" N2 Sessions today! Contact Ryan,

20th Anniversary Key West Paddle Classic, April 29th 2017

Well another Key West Paddle Classic has come and gone.  This year was a bit special for two reasons, first it was the 20th Anniversary of this incredible Paddle Board race around the storied island that is Key West, and second this was the most challenging conditions the race has ever seen! ESE winds at 20-30knts sustained and huge oceanside chop caused the race planners to change the course of the race, which ended up being a unique and interesting change.  Since the winds were so strong and sustained, making it virtually impossible to navigate the last backside of the island section, they had the racers enter the interior of the island following a canal that ran approximately 3/4 of the island north west until it shot you out at the end of the island before you made the final loop back around to Higgs Beach. 

TEAM N2 had another great showing at the race. Team racer Conrad Charles entered the 14' Open Class in the 50+ age group and finished well at 4th place in his group.  Will Vacha had a great start but sustained a shoulder injury about half way through the race which brought his race to an end, but if he had continued at the pace he was on he would have finished 3rd in his age group in the SUP Surf Class. N2 Co-Owner Ryan Pena finished 2nd overall in the SUP Surf Class on a N2 10' Sessions. Ryan finished the race at 2hrs 45min. Racers talked about the huge chop the wind had kicked up on the Atlantic side of the ocean, causing racers to continually fall off their boards, making wider and more stable boards a bit more manageable.  This was the first time I have ever seen actual breaking waves in Key West, making the water, which is normally a crystal clear Caribbean blue, a cloudy chocolate milk consistancy.  

This race continues to be one of the best and challenging SUP races in the country.  The 10' Sessions has done so well during these races over the years, we are going to design a new 11'+ Sessions based on our 10' Sessions platform.  This new model will be specifically designed for races like the KWPC, downwinders, and touring, where weekend worries and gritty committed Paddle-Racers can have some serious high speed fun on this new N2 Sessions.

See you next year Key West! 

April 18, 2017


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Flats Fishing with your Paddle Board, N2 Adventure Air, Biscayne Bay Miami FL.

Yet another way to enjoy your Stand up Paddle Board! Use it as a platform to salt water fly fish for tropical flats fish species in Biscayne Bay, Miami Fl.  The 10'5" N2 Adventure Air inflatable paddle board doubles as your fly fishing skiff.  

We are so close from the Miami metro area, so being able to shoot down from Palm Beach County Florida to Miami is a quick trip for us here at N2.  Once here you understand why Biscayne Bay is one of the true treasures in the United States.  The largest true tropical tidal bay ecosystem in the lower 48, Biscayne Bay is home to a host of sought after salt water flats species from the elusive Bonefish, Snook, and Tarpon.  

Try your luck with a 9 wt. Fly Rod or spinning gear and sight fish from your SUP, paddling through the crystal clear bay waters enjoying this tropical paradise in our own backyard.  Our North 2 Boards 10'5" Adventure Air makes an excellent platform to silently sight fish for flats fish.  Since you're standing on a paddle board, matched with a pare of polarized sunglasses, you're able to see into the water with a unique advantage.  While stalking your prey on your SUP, you are able to enjoy seeing the likes of other Biscayne Bay flats residents including juvenile Lemon sharks, rays, and sea turtles.

The N2 Adventure Air is 34" wide so it makes an excellent fishing paddle board that is super stable, even when casting your fly fishing rod.  The board feels like your standing on a professional fly fishing skiff! So next time you're looking for an Adventure get out and try fishing from your stand up paddleboard. 

April 09, 2017


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Spring time is here, time to get out and paddle! A few Palm Beach County Paddle Board spots from North 2.

Well it's that time of the year again, spring time and summer are right around the corner.  Here are some local South Florida, Palm Beach County, Stand up Paddle Board spots that will get you out on the water! 

Here at N2 headquarters in the Boynton Beach/ Delray Beach area, we are lucky to have great paddle board weather year round.  In South Florida the water activities including SUP never really stop, although spring time brings out more locals again as well as tourists that flock to our warm beaches to enjoy the natural beauty of Florida.  At N2 we paddle year round and here are some of our favorite spots. 

1) Delray Beach Public Beach10 N Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33483.  

There are several pay per park lots along the A1A stretch of Delray's Public Beach, Including lots where you can use credit card ("Marriott" lot, located on the NW corner of the Marriott hotel, Sarah Gleason Park, Sandoway Park, Anchor Park, and Atlantic Dunes Park).  Also you can park along A1A using quarters in traditioal meter parking, and coming soon we have heard you will be able to use your credit card at these A1A meters as well.  Right now the rate is $150/hr. of parking. Keep in mind there are two "recreational" areas on Delray Public Beach (During regular "guarded" hours) that you're allowed to lunch and land water craft, including Stand up Paddle Boards. The very north end of the beach, just past the "North 2" lifeguard tower you'll see a sign that shows the recreational zone just north of the sign intself, also on the very south end of the beach near "kite beach" you'll have the same recreational zone.  Some great surf can be found along this stretch of beach, and is recognized as one of the best surf sports in all of South Florida.  Also bring along your snorkel mask and check out the wreck of the SS Inchulva located about 150 yards off the south end of the beach.  SS Inchulva Wreck 

2) Ocean Inlet Park, 6990 N Ocean Blvd, Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

Free parking, but get there early on the weekends to secure a spot! For some great flat water paddling, put in at the little sandy beach area just west of the park entrance.  Make sure you have your PFD (personal flotation device) with you if you're going to paddle in the intercostal per the USCG regulations, you definitely don't want to ruin your day with a fat ticket from a LE officer.  Also a good idea to have a good quality surf leash attached to you at all times for safety. You can paddle north, past the inlet that goes out to the ocean, and around and along "Beer Can Island." There you'll find a great sandbar that becomes fully exposed on low tide, and is a popular spot for boats to anchor and hangout.  I have seen bonefish, spinner sharks, and lots of other sea life in this area.  Or paddle south and hug the coast under several bridges that will bring you out to a large mangrove forest that you can explore. Look for manatees here during certain times of the year.  You can also walk across the street and paddle out in the ocean.  Just south of the inlet, from about 30 to 150 yards off shore you'll find lots of rock reef to explore to free dive.  For surfing, when the swell is big enough, surf the sandbar break that pops up just to the south east of the inlet itself and about 80-100 yards off shore. Head-high 100 yard rides can be had here when the time is right! Make sure you watch for incoming and outgoing boats if you're prone or paddle surfing here.  

3) Lake Boca (Silver Palm Park), 600 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Free parking, but limited. Make sure you're a strong paddler before getting into this area of Boca Lake, especially if you plan to paddle against the strong tidal current which at times becomes very strong through the bridge underpass of E Palmetto Park Road.  Great place to put your paddle board in and explore the lake, and if you time it  close to high tide, the water will normally be crystal clear.  Paddle north into Lake Wynman and see lots of wildlife along the way. 

4) Lake Ida Delray Beach (Lakeview Park)1100 Lake Dr, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Great place to get a flat water paddle in. Free parking, and great place to practice your SUP paddle techniques and fitness.  I tend to keep to the banks of the lake as I travel north or south to avoid the boats and jet skis that like to utilize this local Delray gem.  You can paddle south west and make your way into the canal that you can take and explore Delray neighborhoods by water.  During the week it sees very little motorized water craft use, but the weekends can get hairy in there for people looking to get out and do some SUP. 

5) Peanut Island (Riviera Beach, FL), 900 E. Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404

The great thing about Stand up Paddleboarding is that ability to use your SUP as a platform to do other fun things like paddle-snorkeling! Head up to the West Palm Beach, FL area and check out Phil Foster Park.  Free parking here allows you to launch your board and head about a 1/4 miles south to explore the water around the famous Peanut Island.  The only way to access the island is by watercraft. You can spend a couple hours walking and exploring the island which has a lot of interesting history, including a cold war fallout bunker for past president JFK.  Just off shore of the island are some awesome rock reefs that are home for thousands of tropical fish, so don't forget your snorkel mask! 


March 16, 2017


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New N2 Retailer, Curry Creek Outfitters (Babcock Ranch Planned Community)

We are very happy to welcome Curry Creek Outfitters to the N2 family of dealers.  Curry Creek Outfitters is a new outdoor and watersports store located in the fresh new planned community, Babcock Ranch. They are located at 42850 Crescent Loop, Punta Gorda, FL 33982.  

Curry Creek Outfitters will not only offer North 2 Board Sports boards and products, but also cruiser bikes, kayaks, paddle board and kayak rentals, along with a variety of gear and clothing.  They have a great location right on a large man-made lake surrounded by a vast natural area. 

We were excited to help with Curry Creek and Babcock Ranch's Founder's Festival.  They offered free SUP and Kayak rentals, food trucks, live music and entertainment, all while showcasing new model homes and the incredible new community Babcock Ranch is shaping up to be. 

Babcock Ranch is innovative, sustainable, and naturally beautiful.  The first all solar powered community in the United States, there is a lot going on here! 


February 26, 2017


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ESSC Finals, Jensen Beach, FL 2/25/17

ESSC stands for “Eastern SUP Surf Circuit” and I was stoked to be able to attend the finals competition for the 2016-2017 season here at Jensen Beach's Walton Rocks Beach.  The conditions were great with 3'-4' of clean waves with light off-shore winds most of the day.  The SUP-Surf community here in Florida is awesome, you just can't meet a greater group of ocean loving like minded friendly people anywhere! 

The best part of the ESSC is it is all about giving back- 

Per the ESSC official website "The goal and purpose of the ESSC since the very beginning has been to promote competitive SUP surfing and provide an exciting environment for the riders of this booming sport to compete. Alongside that we are stoked to be working with The Ride Nature Organization as the beneficiary of the ESSC as we are working to provide awareness and financial support to the work that they are doing. Ride Nature is a 501(c)3 non-profit Christian organization based out of Naples, FL that is working to provide children worldwide the opportunities to surf and skate. While they are leading international trips all year long to the Truth and bring boards to kids living in 3rd world countries we want to encourage you to check out their site and support the work that they are doing! For more information about The Ride Nature Organization, to make a contribution to their organization, or to get involved visit" 
-Hans Wagner-


February 02, 2017


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North 2 Boards, Un-Boxing your new SUP, Paddle board set up, SUP Gear

Here's a video we just put together that covers many different topics on your stand up paddleboard! Thanks for watching. 

January 25, 2017


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Stand up Paddle Board Weeki Wachee Springs, FL

We are truly blessed to have such amazing natural wonders of natural springs in our great state of Florida.  There is no better way to explore and navigate these crystal clear bodies of water than with a North 2 Stand up Paddle Board. On a recent trip to central Flroida I had the opportunity to visit the Weeki Wachee Spring, located at 6131 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606.

When you first arrive at Weeki Wachee and see the water, you are blown away by the purity and clarity of the natural spring water.  Shades of turquoise blue and green along with numerous fish and wildlife species make it an unbelievable natural setting. SUP in the natural springs of FL is allowed, but there are designated areas where water craft aren't allowed to go, so make sure you are aware of where you can paddle board. Also make sure you have a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) with you, per USCG regs, and a leash is also a good idea for safety since some springs have a pretty descent moving current. I found it so cool to see freshwater and salt water fish mingling together, since most of the springs find their way into the Gulf of Mexico.  Most springs stay a consistent water temperature year round, for example Week Wachee stays a nice 72 degrees year round. Due to the consistent temperature, manatees will often move out of area salt water and up into the springs to escape winter cold fronts, that move down the Florida peninsula in the winter months.  

Most of the springs are located around west central and north west Florida, so the next time you are looking for an adventure in your back yard, grab your SUP and go paddle a Florida natural spring. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPRING INFO.  

January 11, 2017


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Get more out of your Surf SUP - N2 10' Sessions does it all

The one board in your quiver that does it all.  This Stand up Paddle Board flat water paddles well, tracking through the water without having to switch paddle sides to often, like you experience with the very small micro Surf SUPs.  A board, in the hands of an experienced SUP Surfer, that can handle 4'-6' waves with ease and with excellent performance.  It offers easy and early entry into waves without having to dig like crazy and tire yourself out in the process.  A board that you can easily paddle miles on no matter the body of water.  This can include the numerous 3-6 miles recreational SUP race open competitions, that are loads of fun and a great way to connect with other dedicated SUP paddlers.  

I can't say enough great things about the North 2 Boards 10' Sessions.  A couple years back I paddled this board 12 miles in the Key West Paddle Classic, placing in the top 3 finishers within my age group and board category.  Last year fellow N2 boards team affiliate, Conrad Charles, did the same in the Classic on the 10' Sessions.  

The volume distribution and performance characteristics of the North 2 Boards 10' Sessions makes this board also extremely nimble at your local surf break.  In the hands of someone who has experience with larger SUP wave riding, this board just flat out performs despite it's size and volume.  Learn more of one of our favorite boards in the the North 2 Boards paddle board lineup, and see why this board will get the most use in your quiver GUARANTEED!  10' N2 Sessions,   10' N2 Sessions Full-PVC

January 01, 2017

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Clayton Dunn, Co-Founder of North 2 Board Sports turns 60! Happy Birthday Clay!

Clay turned the big 6-0 today and we wanted to give him a big happy birthday wish this new years day.  He is also a new grandfather to a healthy baby boy "Mason" recently as well.  Congratulations to Clay and his family brining in the new year!  

Clay has been surfing the waters of Florida for the past 45 years and is still going strong.  He has always found his love and passion in the ocean, and that has not changed.  Clay is instrumental in product development for North 2 Board Sports, and has years of experience with surfboard design and performance.  

Clay looks forward to continue his passion for surfing and stand up paddle boarding and helping North 2 Boards stay on the cutting edge of product development within the industry.  

So next time you see him in the water out at North 2...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAY!!