New & Improved N2 Surf Rescue Board!

We are excited to now have available and ready to roll the all new 10'10" N2 Surf Rescue Board. We have improved our original designed 10'5" Lifeguard Rescue Board, adding a hard bottom for increased durability and glide speed. Additional reinforced nylon and neoprene wrapped grab handles were added replacing the older style hard plastic, and more volume and length was added for increased stability and bouncy. We designed and developed the board with major input from our amazing local Lifeguards and with special thanks to N2 sales rep AJ DeFilippis who has years of experience as a Paramedic Firefighter, and Lifeguard. AJ is also a long time waterman and prone paddle board athlete, competing in distance races worldwide. His wealth of knowledge and first hand experience in Ocean Rescue lifesaving was instrumental in the development of our Surf Rescue Board.

The attractive price point ($699.00 & Quantity Discounts Available) lightweight and durability of this board makes it a not only a excellent choice for Beach Patrols, Ocean Rescue Teams, but also as the go to tool for water lifesaving duties at the local community pool, lake or with Search and Rescue and First Responder Units. We hope to use our resources to develop additional boards and products in the lifesaving space moving forward. Learn more about the 10'10" N2 Surf Rescue Board Here.