January 25, 2019


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N2 Sessions 10'..The SUP that does it all

I can't say enough about how awesome the N2 Sessions 10' is. This paddle board really does it all. If you're like us who love to paddle surf, flat water paddle, and use our SUP to exercise well then look no further than the North 2 10' Sessions. We designed this board to be stable for a wide range of paddlers, from a 90 lb. newbie up to a 225 lb. seasoned waterman. The "surfy" outline with semi-pulled in nose, thinned out rails, and "diamond tail," make this board no slouch in the waves. But giving the board plenty of width and depth in the mid section (31.5" @ widest point, 4.5" at deepest point) makes this SUP incredible stable, even for beginners. Total volume in liters 159L. 

Very nimble in all sorts of wave conditions, but also an excellent flat water paddling board with it's streamlined shape that cuts through the water with efficiency. Built to last with the latest in multi-laminate, carbon fiber, and real wood bamboo construction this board is no porcelain doll. For me it's my go-to board what ever the conditions or body of water that I'm getting into.  If you pick up one of these beauties I wouldn't be surprised that it becomes your go to as well! Check it out here N2 Sessions 10'


May 12, 2017


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Tips for Paddle Surfing

So you have mastered the basics of paddle stroke and are comfortable and nimble on your stand up paddle board.  Now you're thinking of trying your luck in the waves.  One of the funnest ways to enjoy paddle boarding is through paddle surfing.  You've probably seen experienced paddle boarders out off the beach riding wave after wave and having a blast doing it, now it's your turn.  We have put together a couple tips for those new to paddle surfing.

Even if you have "regular" surfed there are a couple things to keep in mind while enjoying waves on your SUP.  While those who surf will normally be able to pick up paddle surfing without a hitch, the two different forms of wave riding do require a little bit different technique.  First you want to take a look at what board you're planning on using to paddle surf.  Obviously the smaller the SUP board the lighter it will be and also more maneuverable in the surf.  That's not to say that you can't go out and catch 2 footers on an 11' Surf Style paddle board and not have fun, but there are a couple things to keep in mind when using larger heavier paddle boards in the waves.  First and foremost be mindful of where you are!! Stand up paddleboards are normally (For regular 9'-12' boards) larger and heavier than your average surfboard, and thus can cause more damage or injury if the surfer using it doesn't know what he or she is doing.  

Hey the ocean is free for everyone to enjoy but lets not forget about etiquette.  It's always a good idea for inexperienced paddle surfers to stay well away from any populated surf break where active surfing amongst a group of surfers is occurring.  That is the beauty of SUP, you get to paddle away to your own uncrowded corner of the sea!  No reason to be piled up at a local surf break trying to navigate amongst several surfers, and trust me you won't be popular on your stand up paddle board attempting to do so, especially if you're new to the sport.  It's best to learn away from anyone so that you can focus on your wave catching technique. Also learn on VERY small waves to start and then gradually go up from there, don't kill yourself trying to charge 6 footers day one!  Even a lot of experienced paddle surfers and just surfers in general rarely enjoy surfing at crowded peaks as they log more time on the water.  There is something to be said that the best waves ridden are the ones where it's just you and the wave and a big smile on your face!

Normally people get into paddle surfing using larger SUP boards, say around 10' X 31" for example.  Our N2 10' Cardiff or 10' Sessions are examples of a great boards to learn with.  So you want to be able to be somewhat nimble on your SUP board for starters, this might mean several hours of flat water paddling getting comfortable on your board, so when you make the transition from your normal parallel legged stance to surf stance it is seamless and not clunky.  Learning the "Quick Turn" or pivot turn is a good idea.  This maneuver is basically when you drop your (either left for goofy foot surfer, or right for regular foot) foot backwards about a foot or more, which causes the board to pivot quickly in the water to what ever direction you want the nose of the board to face. Practicing and mastering the quick turn will allow you to quickly turn your board when you see a wave approaching and position yourself correctly to paddle into the wave. 

Quick Turn Video Here VIDEO 

Learning where to position yourself for breaking waves is also important.  You want to be able to paddle into a wave just before it crests and starts to break.  Also like traditional surfing you want to anlge the nose of the board so that it is going the same direction as the wave energy, get into the habit of doing this when you're just starting out.  As your paddle surfing progresses you will get more adept at knowing how to position yourself to be in the best location to catch the most waves. But remember no matter who you're surfing with and where, share the waves don't be a wave hog! Paddle early and often into the wave until you feel the wave pushing you and bend your knees! 

Especially when you're a new to paddle surfing, ALWAYS wear a surf leash.  It's also a good idea to be mindful of the current swell and wind patterns. Rule of thumb is offshore or West wind (East Coast USA) always makes for smoother and cleaner ocean conditions, which means better surfing conditions especially for novice surfers. Onshore of East winds makes the water and surf break choppy and disorganized, which in some cases can also be very dangerous.  So always take a look at local beach cams and surf reports before heading down to the beach when paddle surfing.  

Shorter paddles, which allow you to make quicker paddle strokes and switch the paddle from side to side quicker normally is the preference for experienced paddle surfers.  But if you only have one paddle and it is fixed for more flat water paddling, that's ok it will work just fine as you're learning to paddle surf.  Fin set up is another story that I won't get into just now, but this also come into play for those looking to increase their surfing performance.  Remember to have fun! If you're not having fun whats the point right, but also be safe and keep the people around you safe too.  Here is a video that pulls it all together. Thanks guys, see you in the water!

Paddle Surfing Tips Here VIDEO  


February 26, 2017


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ESSC Finals, Jensen Beach, FL 2/25/17

ESSC stands for “Eastern SUP Surf Circuit” and I was stoked to be able to attend the finals competition for the 2016-2017 season here at Jensen Beach's Walton Rocks Beach.  The conditions were great with 3'-4' of clean waves with light off-shore winds most of the day.  The SUP-Surf community here in Florida is awesome, you just can't meet a greater group of ocean loving like minded friendly people anywhere! 

The best part of the ESSC is it is all about giving back- 

Per the ESSC official website "The goal and purpose of the ESSC since the very beginning has been to promote competitive SUP surfing and provide an exciting environment for the riders of this booming sport to compete. Alongside that we are stoked to be working with The Ride Nature Organization as the beneficiary of the ESSC as we are working to provide awareness and financial support to the work that they are doing. Ride Nature is a 501(c)3 non-profit Christian organization based out of Naples, FL that is working to provide children worldwide the opportunities to surf and skate. While they are leading international trips all year long to the Truth and bring boards to kids living in 3rd world countries we want to encourage you to check out their site and support the work that they are doing! For more information about The Ride Nature Organization, to make a contribution to their organization, or to get involved visit" 
-Hans Wagner-


December 27, 2016


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North 2 Boards Custom Board Program with shaper Stu Sharpe

We are super excited to continue working with renowned shaper Stu Sharpe on our custom surfboard and surf paddleboard program.  Stu is based out of Cocoa Beach, FL, and has shaped over 39,000 boards over past 35 years. 

He does excellent work on custom surfboard and surf sup designs, and is a pleasure to work with.  Talk to us today if you are looking for that custom one of a kind surfboard or surf sup board.  We will walk you through all the details of your new board, including a cool paint layout.  

The board pictured below is based of our 10' Cardiff line of stand up paddleboards.  We had Stu shrink the shape down to 9'X29"X4" and added some additional surf characteristics, while maintaining the traditional longboard surfboard outline of one of our favorite boards in our lineup.  We can't wait to get this surf sup out in the water! 

October 19, 2016


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August 06, 2016


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Have you seen the new N2 8.6 SE? Ready to up your SUP-surf game? Take a look, we are excited about these babies! Sneak peak at the FULL_PVC_WRAP versions coming soon too! Bombproof durability, and super lightweight. Deep ledge handle, aggressive rocker outline and bottom contour for rail to rail surfing. These little rockets light up on good steep waves.

February 09, 2016


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2-8-16 Delray Beach "refraction swell", 2'+ faces

This winter is proving to be a special one for the local Florida surf community. Cold front after cold front have been pushing south along the Florida peninsula bringing excellent clean surf to local beaches.  In Southeast Florida, basically Jupiter south a phenomenon know as a "refraction swell" amplifies swell that originates from northern storms.  Several theories are out there as to the creation of these refraction swells, from wave energy bouncing or refracting off the Bahamas or Bahama Bank, to waves being funneled southward through the Straights of Florida and then bouncing off the gulf stream ocean current then returning to South Florida breaks with double the strength.

We are lucky right here in Delray Beach, as it always seems to be the focal point to which these curious refraction swells seem to hit.  It can go from 2' to 10' within hours, and as soon as it arrives...it is gone like nothing ever happened.  If you're lucky enough to score some of these unique swell events, it will put a BIG smile on your face! 

The last photo of the longboarder is your very own City of Delray Beach's honorable Mayor, Cary Glickstein! 

January 25, 2016


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El Nino contributing to some great surf in South Florida.

The Florida surf season is off to a great start thanks in part to the current El Nino weather pattern in effect.

Some shots from this past Sunday in Delray Beach at North 2. Got to love the winter cold front swells that light up Florida beaches with clean fun swell! More to come so stay tuned! 

January 03, 2016


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N2 video by AerialMOB

Just wanted to take the time and express how cool it was to be able to work with AerialMOB, drone photography specialists headquartered in San Diego, CA. We worked on a quick N2 promo video this past week in Encinitas, CA, home of the N2 west coast nucleus. 

AerialMOB are super pros and when it comes to specialized professional drone work, these guys basically wrote the manual.  We had bright sunny, super clean, and small surf conditions out off Beacons surf break the day of the shoot which turned out ideal for some great high vantage shots.  We look forward to working with AerialMOB again soon! Big thanks to Treggon Owens, CEO- AerialMOB. 

October 11, 2015


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Hurricane Joaquin brings some fun waves to North 2!

Good start to the Florida waves season as Hurricane Joaquin brought some fun juice to South Florida and the rest of the east coast of Florida this past week.

Made for some fun conditions along our area beaches but it also brought heavy rains and flooding to other parts of the east coast. We send our thoughts and prayers to those areas hit.  Stay safe out there and remember to always wear a leash when surfing sizable waves.  

N2 Sessions 8.6 N2 Sessions 7.10