October 19, 2020


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North 2 Board Sports mission was to build durable, affordable, quality, lightweight surf and stand up paddleboards that are not only great looking, but also great performers. All of our boards and paddles are built using only quality components and precision CNC blank shaping to obtain optimal strength, lightweights, and durability. Surfing, exploring and passion for the water is what North 2 is all about. -Click here to view the current Lookbook / Brochure!-

N2 Boards New Product Spotlight

We hope this update finds all our surfing and paddling friends and family well during these crazy times.  We have been out on and in the water as much as possible over the past couple months on our North 2 paddle boards and surfboards. Nothing is better then SUP for social distancing. What a great way to get a full-body workout in, fill up on immune boosting vitamin D, and clear your head in the process. Stand up paddleboarding is one of the best ways to get fit while having fun and enjoying nature. Not only are you strengthening and building core muscles, you are honing your balance and fine motor muscles in the process, not to mention the cardio workout you're getting! So keep up the paddle boarding as much as you can, I know we will here at N2. 

We are excited to announce, by popular demand, that we are expanding our fiberglass core soft top surfboards.  Our Roots softtop surfboards (6' Fish, 6'8" Fish, 8'5" Funboard, 9'2" Longboard) are not your average "Softie." Ours are built to last using real EPS closed cell foam, and high quality fiberglass just like higher end epoxy surfboards. The backbone of the Roots softops are also reinforced with not one but two 5mm thick stringers. Then the boarsds are wrapped in impact absorbing IXPE soft skin material that takes waxing well just like an epoxy board. You'll always keep one of these N2 Roots Softops mark my words, no matter if you're learning, or have surfed for 20 years! Lots of fun and they won't break the bank. 

Another addition to the N2 Boards lineup is a new 11'2" X 30" X 4.5" Sessions Board coming soon! Like our previous "Special edition" 11'2" SE Sessions paddleboard, We designed this board to maximize speed and glide but made the new model a little wider increasing paddler stability. The ultimate recreational race SUP and for those looking to push their paddling to the next level.  It also performs well as a downwind board and for playing in the waves. So stayed tuned on this sweet SUP and get your hands on one! 


Ryan Pena
Ryan Pena


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