N2 Roots Soft Top Surfboards - Perfect Surf Camp Boards.. see why

Have a surf camp, or do you rent surfboards? Maybe you just tired of your soft top surfboards falling apart to quickly? Well you're in luck! We developed our fiberglass-core soft top surfboards so that they are built to last, and built to take serious abuse.

We have a wide range of soft tops (6', 6'8", 8'5", 9'2"). They are over engineered to maximize their durability and longevity. They are built very similarly to traditional fiberglass surfboards. CNC blank shaping and real fiberglass construction that goes into every board.

Multi layer fiberglass wrapped over an EPS foam core and strengthened with two longitudinally placed stringers, then fitted with a ding and impact resistant IXPE outer foam covering. We keep the bottom slick with excellent glide and paddle speed by adding a soft HDPE plastic. And we don't stop there. Instead of the "soft plug" type fin systems with overly flexible fins, that are common to lesser soft tops, we go the extra mile and install Futures fin boxes and rigid future fins (or a nylon longboard fin and real longboard fin box on the 9'2" Roots). 

The N2 Roots boards are designed with generous amounts of volume, aiding in first time, recreational "whole family" fun, and surf training type applications. We add deep ledge type carry handles in the 8'5" and 9'2" larger fun board and longboard style soft tops, which really makes transporting these boards to and from the surf a breeze. Especially for those surfers with shorter arms.   

There is a reason we sell so many of these boards to surf shops and surf lesson rental businesses from coast to coast. So check them out, they will keep you stoked for sure! 

For additional information, and for wholesale inquirers. Please contact us anytime.

Ryan - N2 Boards