Weedless Fins Can be Key! Don't get hung up on seaweed

If you paddle in areas that have a lot of floating or close to the surface seaweed, then you NEED to pick up a swept-back weedless SUP Paddle Board fin! 

Unlike traditional "Dolphin" type SUP fins (Also commonly used on Longboard surfboards), swept-back fins have a lot of rake which allows seaweed to slip along and off your fin without getting hung up and slowing you down! 

We use these a lot here in South Florida when the sargassum seaweed gets thick off the beach and intercoastal waterways. We also paddle a lot in the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes which are fresh water lakes about a mile inland. These lakes get clogged with weed especially during the dry season when the water levels are low.

So a nice little upgrade to your paddleboard this season is picking up a weedless SUP fin. We like the FCS SUP ll quick click-in hard plastic fins, they do the trick nicely without breaking the bank. We normally keep these in stock at the distribution warehouse here at N2, so please ask us on your next order. 

Stay safe out there everyone during these challenging times, and paddle / surf more if you can! It's great for the body and soul. 

-Team N2