Like to paddle board fish? Fun DIY fishing crate project for your board!

We love fishing off our N2 boards.  The stealth and unrestrained ability to access any body and depth of water, makes your North 2 Paddle Board the ultimate fishing vessel.  I can sneak up on many gamefish on my SUP board since it's so quite moving through the water. I target species including Bass, Snook, Tarpon, Bonefish, Snapper, and a variety of Jacks. If you love to fish, and love being out on the water, try paddle fishing! 

I got with my good friend @ Will Vacha, who is also an avid paddle fisherman, and talked about a super cool DIY fishing crate he made for his 11'4" N2 Adventure Board.  He took a standard 13" X 13" milk crate as his platform to begin with. Added rod holders by drilling holes through them and affixing them to the crate with stainless steel bolts.  Simple plastic rod holders like these can be purchased fairly inexpensively at places like Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, and others. An extra step Will took was adding a hinged top using a simple square sturdy plastic cutting board. He drilled holes in the cutting board and made hinges with zip ties. So cool right?! The cover is sturdy enough that you can use it as a raised casting platform, which comes in handy for sight fishing. Adding small strips of EVA deck padding can be used as well to increase the grip surface of the cover of your crate, and keep in mind you don't need to add a top to your fishing crate, but this can come in handy for several reasons.  Lastly, rigging up a simple anchor system is a great idea, especially if you're paddle fishing in areas of wind or current.  Small kayak style anchor systems can be purchased by many retailers including the ones mentioned above. One idea to make a simple inexpensive DIY anchor is purchasing a simple flat circle weight from 5-8lbs. Now add an anchor line to it with some kind of nylon rope and carabiner clip to attach the anchor line to your board. I use either the leash string or bungee tie down cord to attach my anchor to my board.  Flat weight. Make sure you have enough rope to handle the depths of water your fishing in.

I love the N2 Adventure Boards for fishing. The bungee tie down cords on the nose of the boards and full EVA deck padding make attaching my fishing crate to the board a piece of cake, and it stays in place even in rough and choppy water.  If your board doesn't have pre-installed bungee cords, you can purchase aftermarket kits like this here. Bungee Kit. 

So try out this cool little DIY project for your Paddle Board. It's a fun useful way to increase your paddle fishing effectiveness, and super fun! See you on the water and big thanks to Will Vacha!