2-8-16 Delray Beach "refraction swell", 2'+ faces

This winter is proving to be a special one for the local Florida surf community. Cold front after cold front have been pushing south along the Florida peninsula bringing excellent clean surf to local beaches.  In Southeast Florida, basically Jupiter south a phenomenon know as a "refraction swell" amplifies swell that originates from northern storms.  Several theories are out there as to the creation of these refraction swells, from wave energy bouncing or refracting off the Bahamas or Bahama Bank, to waves being funneled southward through the Straights of Florida and then bouncing off the gulf stream ocean current then returning to South Florida breaks with double the strength.

We are lucky right here in Delray Beach, as it always seems to be the focal point to which these curious refraction swells seem to hit.  It can go from 2' to 10' within hours, and as soon as it arrives...it is gone like nothing ever happened.  If you're lucky enough to score some of these unique swell events, it will put a BIG smile on your face! 

The last photo of the longboarder is your very own City of Delray Beach's honorable Mayor, Cary Glickstein!