Stand up Paddle Board Weeki Wachee Springs, FL

We are truly blessed to have such amazing natural wonders of natural springs in our great state of Florida.  There is no better way to explore and navigate these crystal clear bodies of water than with a North 2 Stand up Paddle Board. On a recent trip to central Flroida I had the opportunity to visit the Weeki Wachee Spring, located at 6131 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606.

When you first arrive at Weeki Wachee and see the water, you are blown away by the purity and clarity of the natural spring water.  Shades of turquoise blue and green along with numerous fish and wildlife species make it an unbelievable natural setting. SUP in the natural springs of FL is allowed, but there are designated areas where water craft aren't allowed to go, so make sure you are aware of where you can paddle board. Also make sure you have a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) with you, per USCG regs, and a leash is also a good idea for safety since some springs have a pretty descent moving current. I found it so cool to see freshwater and salt water fish mingling together, since most of the springs find their way into the Gulf of Mexico.  Most springs stay a consistent water temperature year round, for example Week Wachee stays a nice 72 degrees year round. Due to the consistent temperature, manatees will often move out of area salt water and up into the springs to escape winter cold fronts, that move down the Florida peninsula in the winter months.  

Most of the springs are located around west central and north west Florida, so the next time you are looking for an adventure in your back yard, grab your SUP and go paddle a Florida natural spring. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPRING INFO.