YOGA EXPO, Fort Lauderdale May 2016

Wow, what a great turnout at this years YOGA EXPO, Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Broward County Convention Center. 

Yoga has so many amazing benefits it's easy to understand why so many people take part in this healthy activity on a regular basis.

We were super stoked to be asked to take part in the expo by owner of What's SUP Paddleboarding business, Chelsey Loder.  We are honored that such a reputable and successful SUP business here in South Florida chooses to buy N2 boards for it's fleet of rental, and SUP YOGA boards! 

The N2 Cardiff,"1st Gen," 10' Big Boy Gulfstream, and Original range of boards, along with the N2 Adventure Air inflatable (Pictured below) make excellent SUP YOGA boards.

Why does SUP YOGA's popularity continue to grow so rapidly? 

1- It’s a fun practice but with some serious benefits. Doing yoga on a surface that is constantly in motion fires up your core muscles.
2- SUP yoga is a practice that brings a sense of joyful freedom to an otherwise earth-bound yoga practice.
3- It requires a different quality of focus, and not just when you’re doing the poses, but also when you’re transitioning between them.
4- You have no choice but to “be here now” when it comes to practicing yoga on your floating yoga mat.
5- If you like your yoga hot, practicing outdoors under the sunlight heat will create the same sweat. Plus you can cool down with an unlimited supply of water just beneath you.