N2 9&

9'2" Roots Soft-top Surfboard - Lime

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  • Overview: The 9’2” Roots soft top surfboard has great classic longboard outline with a proven square tail design to make wave catching easier than most softie’s. Nose ride or just cruise, these longboards will keep you stoked out at your local lineup. Every surfer needs a longboard in their quiver for small wave fun! Maximize your paddle speed with this N2 longboard with plenty of float and volume and added width for those larger guys who need a bit more foam under them.  Also a new and improved ledge carry handle make carrying the board to the beach very easy, even for those with shorter arms!  All of our Roots series soft top surfboards are built with closed cell EPS foam cores, multi layer high quality fiberglass, double stringers for superior strength and rigidity, and real future fin boxes (Or traditional longboard center fin box in the 9’2”) and fins for the ability to upgrade or swap out your fins as the surfing conditions change. These boards are built for fun and built to last! 
  • Construction: dual stringer eps foam core, 6oz. fiberglass top & bottom, high density IXPE foam soft skin top & HDPE slick plastic bottom, nose and tail reinforced EVA.  Longboard fin box and fin.
  • Dimensions: 9’2" X 23.5" x 3 1/2”
  • Volume: 89L
  • Weight: 17 lbs