The Gulfstream line of boards include the N2-USA built boards from right here in Florida.  Master shaper and glassers finishes these boards after they are precision cut on a new state of the art CNC machine.  They are fixed only with the best FCS beck pads and quality FCS fins.  Light weight and unique.  

Custom board and locally made surf and Surf SUP boards

We are super excited to continue working with renowned shaper, Stu Sharpe, on our custom surfboard and surf paddle board program. Stu is based out of Cocoa Beach, FL, and has shaped over 39,000 boards over the past 35 years. He does excellent work on custom surfboard and surf SUP designs, and is a pleasure to work with. Talk with us today if you are looking for that custom, “one of a kind” surfboard or surf SUP board built right here in sunny Florida. We will walk you through all the details of your new board, including a cool paint layout. When our North 2 Gulfstream boards are being shaped and glassed, only the finest foam, components, and resins are used to ensure the highest quality hand made N2 Boards are a result. High quality, high performance, locally made boards from North 2 Board Sports.