The Cardiff line of boards were designed for the lite paddle-surfer and recreational paddler.  These boards do extremely well as an “all-arounder” where they can be a blast in small “roller” waves, and make for a great flat-water cruiser.    

All-Around SUP Boards

These are great boards that can do a variety of things on any body of water. From the ocean, lakes, to rivers it’s a board for the whole family. These types of stand up paddle boards are known as “Recreational” boards. If you’re just starting out in the sport of SUP, then a recreational paddle board is where you need to start. Open water cruising, fitness paddling, small surf, paddle board yoga, these boards really do it all. Traditional longboard surfboard outlines give these boards great stability, but are also very nimble and easy to maneuver. Light weight, high quality construction will give you years of fun from our Cardiff line of paddleboards.