Spring is right around the corner - time to paddle!

Here at N2 we are lucky enough to live in sunny South Florida, where we get to stand up paddle board and surf year-round. But in other parts of the country surfers and paddlers alike are getting ready to get back out on the water! If you're new to the sport of paddleboarding and are looking for an ultra-stable and ultra-durable paddle board, then check out the North 2 Boards Adventure line of paddle boards. These boards are built like traditional fiberglass and epoxy SUPs but they have the additional added hard plastic ABS outer shell that makes them nearly impervious to inadvertent paddle strikes, rocks, and other objects that you might smack into by accident!

This line of boards comes in three sizes, 10'6" X 33", 11'4" X 33.5", and a touring-shaped model 11'6" X 30." The most popular size is our 10'6" Adventure board, as it's great for most paddlers from 100 lbs. up to around 240 lbs. They make perfect beginner boards or boards that you can easily fish off of, including some SUP Yoga. They also won't break the bank and are priced very affordably.  We love these boards and sell a lot of them to our wholesale customers as they make excellent rental boards because of their floatiness and durability. 

So take another look at our N2 Adventure line of SUPs, and see you out on the water this spring!  

N2 Adventure SUPs