Paddle Board Fishing off your North 2 Board

Here at N2 we love all things water, including paddle board fishing. Or SUP fishing! Stand up paddleboards make an excellent choice of water craft if you want to sneak up on the fish you're after, or want to get into super shallow waters.  You don't need much to get started, and no need for gasoline or the pesky thousand dollar boat repairs! 

Grab a spinning rod with 12-20lb. test, swim bates like the paddle-tail minnow, or crank baits and go at it.  I like chasing fish on the fly so I normally go out armed with my 6 or 9 wt. fly rod, floating fly line, and about a 9' tapered leader down to a 20lb tippet.  If you're going after toothy characters like Mr. Baracuda, go for a wire tippet or 30-40lb. shock tippet.  Shock tippets on your fly leader are also a wise choice if you're hunting snook and tarpon as well around here in the salt.  I normally just grab my rod, a handful of bait fish fly imitations like clousers, extra tippet line, a plier multi took with a small knife in it, and a belt pack, and of course a water proof action camera for the shots so you can impress all your Insta followers! 

 I like to use THE PADDLE CLIP to hold my rod at my hip while I'm paddling around searching for fish, or going from spot to spot.  I find it works perfect for my fly rod, and I'm sure a spinning reel would work with it as well.  You don't need much to get out on your SUP and do some fishing.  I also find the trolling method to be fun and effective as well.  I simpley attach my fly rod to my hip, let out about 15 yards of fly line and leader with about a 3" clouser minnow fly at the end and get to paddling! I keep up a descent paddle cadence when troll fishing off my paddle board, and every now and again I get a nice tug on the line.  At that point I stop paddling, get to my knees and play the fish to the board. Rinse and repeat! 

So if you're looking to add something fun to your paddling, try paddle-fishing.  Our N2 ADVENTURE SUP BOARDS do awesome as paddle board fishing boards.

See you on the water!