N2 Rescue Boards - Ultra Durable And Affordable

North 2 Boards ultra durable and affordable Rescue Boards for ocean rescue and fire rescue agencies. We build our N2 rescue boards using only quality materials and make them extremely durable so they are built to last. So contact us today and find out more why we are proud to supply lifeguards and first responders with quality lifeguard rescue boards.  

Using only the finest lightweight yet strong materials in every model, means our rescue boards are easy to deploy and will have years of service life. Lifeguard and rescue personnel will be extremely satisfied with how fast these boards glide through the water, and with soft tech materials they are extremely safe for rescuing victims in emergencies. Affordability is very important to rescue agencies when choosing lifeguard rescue boards for their departments, so we pride ourselves in building the best and most affordable rescue boards in the industry. 

Our N2 Rescue Boards were designed and tested by lifeguards for lifeguards. See why our boards are supplied to numerous lifeguard, fire rescue - first responder departments today. Built to stand the test of time and a great price.