Enjoy the glide, this is why we paddle!

There is something special when you get that feeling. You know what I mean if you have become addicted to stand up paddle boarding like I have. That feeling of slowly gliding across the waters surface and the connectedness you feel when you’re in that “paddle zone.”  It can be hard to explain to someone who has yet to get into this amazing sport, and really a way of life that so many of us have come to cherish.

The benefits of SUP are endless. Physical health, mental health, relationship building, family strengthening, reconnecting with your natural world, surfing that empty open wave.. the list goes on. 

I remember the first couple of times I tried paddle boarding. It was years ago and it truly changed my life. At first, like most other people coming from a traditional surfing background, I couldn’t grasp the concept of these people I was seeing out at the beach paddling around on these massive longboards. I thought to myself what in the world is that all about. But after a session on friends boards, I knew I had to get into and master this new budding water sport. At first for me it was a new incredible way to get a full body workout in outside of the standard cramped and confined local gym. While at the same time being in and around something that has always been so important to me, the ocean, and lakes and waterways that have always captivated my mind. To me a life without water is no life at all.

It took some time and commitment to get the technique down, and in those early days most SUP boards were poorly designed and lacking volume and width in the most crucial places. But that was ok, everything was so new and evolving, I was just happy to be a part of this new sport that was exploding all across the world!

Something about that glide. The feeling you get when your paddle skills, balance and awareness of your body and board come together. You feel a connectedness to the water, to your environment, and to your paddle partner as you cut silently through the water.

My advice is to try it. You might find something that resonates with you like it has for me. Call it a sport, call it an escape, call it your own personal gym, for me it was all of the above and more.

I look forward to my daily paddle sessions. It changed my life, see if it changes yours. 

Thank you Mr. Laird Hamilton and the other paddle pioneers that helped light the fire of this incredible sport and way of life.

Ryan - Team N2