Hunting Bonefish with your North 2 Paddleboard

There is something special about spending time exploring tropical salt flats. Here in Sunny South Florida we are very lucky to have some exceptional "skinny water" locations right in our own backyard. A short drive from Delray Beach, FL to Key Biscayne, FL will take less than an hour and half (Depending on traffic). But once you cross the Rickenbacker causeway and land on KB, you feel like you are 1,000 miles away.

A stand up paddleboard makes an excellent platform to quietly explore these pristine marine environments. I took a N2 10' Sessions out with me, along with my 8wt. fly rod, and a few "Crazy Charlie" bonefish flies. The obvious benefits of using your SUP while stalking bonefish along the flats are, it allows you to get into very shallow water, and other areas, such as shallow mangrove trails...places a boat would have trouble negotiating. Plus no gas needed! Only the power of your paddle, which is as good for your mental and physical health as it is for this fragile environment. Making almost no sound as you cruise along the gin clear waters, Nurse, Black Tip, and other sharks and marine life can be observed very closely and undisturbed.

Places like these are little slices of paradise in our busy on the go modern life. North 2 can take you there!

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