Adventure 12'6"

The Adventure 12'6" touring stand up paddle board. Very stable design for maximum utility. If you’re looking to increase your paddle range and speed, a displacement hull SUP is an excellent choice. Due to the boat like hull design, these types of SUP boards cut through the water with ease, increasing your glide and efficiency. Many paddlers add one of these types of paddleboards to their quiver in order to maximize their paddle workout and distance.

N2 Sessions Adventure 12'6" Specs

Construction:  precision shaped cnc cut eps foam core pvc stringer, epoxy fiberglass, natural bamboo, pvc & carbon fiber reinforced standing area, vacuum bagged for strength, reinforced rails, deep ledge carry handle

Dimensions: 12'6" X 31.5”  

Volume: 260L
Weight: 34 lbs

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