The Adventure Series includes our popular 10'6" Thermo-plastic shell, ultra durable ding-proof boards. Our 12'6" displacement touring boards, and inflatables. Built to last, go on an adventure!    -click on a board to see available colors!- 

Displacement hull paddle boards and Inflatable SUP

If you’re looking to increase your paddle range and speed, a displacement hull SUP is an excellent choice. Due to the boatlike hull design, these types of SUP boards cut through the water with ease, increasing your glide and efficiency. Many paddlers add one of these types of paddleboards to their quiver in order to maximize their paddle workout and distance. Inflatable paddle boards make an excellent choice if you do not have the ability to transport or store a traditional fiberglass board.Our North 2 Boards Adventure Air SUPs are constructed out of the latest high quality PVC and other marine related components that make them extremely durable and long lasting. The best part about an inflatable SUP is that they can be folded up into a large backpack and easily hiked into remote bodies of water. Go on an adventure!