The Cardiff line of boards were designed for the lite paddle-surfer and recreational paddler.  These boards do extremely well as an “all-arounder” where they can be a blast in small “roller” waves, and make for a great flat-water cruiser.     -click on a board to see available colors!- 


The Sessions line of boards were designed with the serious surfer in mind.  These performance line of boards will feel very comfortable at your local lineup, and will impress the most advanced riders.The stand up boards in this line are still stable enough that they are not going to tire you out while you wait for the next set, or paddle down the coastline in search of your own empty wave.    -click on a board to see available colors!- 


Quality precision CNC shaped surf boards. Real balsa wood stringer, quality EPS foam, Epoxy-Fiberglass. -click on a board to see available colors!-


The Adventure Series includes our popular 10'6" Thermo-plastic shell, ultra durable ding-proof boards. Our 12'6" displacement touring boards, and inflatables. Built to last, go on an adventure!    -click on a board to see available colors!- 


The Gulfstream line of boards include the N2-USA built boards from right here in Florida.  Master shaper and glassers finishes these boards after they are precision cut on a new state of the art CNC machine.  They are fixed only with the best FCS beck pads and quality FCS fins.  Light weight and unique.  

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